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Biomimicry exhibition at Interface – until 29th October

By Angelika Zopf on October 12, 2015 in Architecture, Exhibitions, Industry Approved

The Interface London showroom hosts Designing with Nature; an exhibition by Exploration Architecture.
The installation, itself showcased on 3D printed tables inspired by giant Amazonian water lilies, features models, sketches and natural specimens that have inspired the designs of four selected projects.  Exploration Architecture is researching the field of biomimicry – the study of how nature solves problems and how these principles can be used in architecture to reduce waste, produce energy and save resources.

One of the projects highlighted is the Sahara Forest Project; an environmental solution to grow food, produce water, clean electricity and biomass in desert areas, using slat water and CO2. It is a project that has been successfully trialled in Qatar, and a second pilot facility is currently under construction in Jordan.

Michael Pawlyn, founder of Exploration Architecture,  explains the principles of biomimicry in his TED talk “Using Nature’s Genius in Architecture.” Watch it below and be inspired.

Designing with Nature – until 29 October 2015

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