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Custom Hand Knotted Runners from Tania Johnson Design

By EM on February 11, 2016 in Design, Tania Johnson Design

Transform a Hallway
Every Tania Johnson Design rug is made to order, so why not transform a hallway or narrow space with a contemporary runner? Tania’s abstract, nature-inspired designs can be custom coloured to match any interior scheme, and designs can be made to any dimensions. Tania’s complex designs are and knotted in Nepal by highly skilled artisans using wool, silk, or a combination of both. The percentage of each yarn used depends on the design and the desired final effect.  Silk reflects the light, creating highlights which alter the intensity of the design depending on the direction of the light source.


Top row, L-R: London runner in Terracotta Grey; Zurich runner in Beige Rust.
Bottom row, L-R: Velvet Diamonds runner in Mocha Grey; Velvet Diamonds runner in Gold Beige.

The Design Process
All Tania Johnson’s designs are based on her own photography. Whether she captures nature in all its glory, a street surface, or traces of light and shadow – nothing prepares you for the impact of the finished article.  Tania personally works on every design and weaving graph herself with each rug crafted as an individual work of art.

In Tania’s long established relationship with her team at the Nepalese workshop, she is heavily involved in the dyeing process; the colour palette is created uniquely for Tania Johnson Design rugs. The subtlety of the original image is deftly transposed by master weavers in the foothills of the Himalayas. These highly skilled craftspeople come from generations of experts who understand the complexity of colour and design. Each rug or runner is hand knotted in wool, silk, or a combination of both, and is worked on by a several weavers at once. Once finished, the rug is removed from the loom, washed by hand and dried in the sun. Finally, the rug is thoroughly inspected and given a final re-trimming before being rolled ready for shipping.


GoodWeave Certified
Every Tania Johnson Design rug is certified by GoodWeave which aims to eliminate child labour and to improve working conditions for adults. Any carpet with the GoodWeave label means that the rug was made only by adult artisans. In addition, the certification programme helps fund educational opportunities for children as well as support and resources for families and weaving communities in South Asia.