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Eco-efficient refurbishment at David Morley Architects

By EM on February 18, 2015 in TOTO

TOTO friends and fellow Clerkenwell residents, David Morley Architects, recently completed a bathroom refurbishment project within its own office that focused on achieving high sustainable standards without compromising on quality.

Within the project, David Morley Architects used the newest sustainable technology: the reAqua unit from TOTO – a grey water recycling system which reduces water consumption by up to 30%. The unit collects and recycles used shower water from the first floor bathroom to flush two TOTO MH wall-hung WCs on the ground floor.

Applying a sustainable ethos throughout, office shower rooms have been installed, encouraging people to run/walk/cycle to work thus reducing CO2 emissions.

TOTO’s eco-efficient offering in this project includes a dual flushing system to the MH WCs which can be adjusted from 4.5 liters or 6 liters for a full flush and 3 liters for a short flush.
TOTO’s powerful Tornado flushing system is incorporated as a standard. It applies a whirlpool motion that effectively clean the entire surface of the bowl, which together with the ultra smooth CeFiOn Tect glaze prevents build up of bacteria, limescale and waste matter.