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Forster Inc. design kids fashion emporium

By JW on January 28, 2014 in Clients, Forster Inc, Industry Publicity, Launches, Retail

Never before have bungees and geometry worked so well together as in the Forster Inc.  kids shop Ryker.  the neon yellow bungees are a cross between an architects impression and a child’s drawing of a house. The aim of the bungees is to reduce the high ceiling proportions of the space to the height of the kids in a strong and dynamic form.

Hexagonal storage units were designed and made for the long display that goes the length of the shop, these hexagons were interrupted with long shelves, creating an interesting display that offers clients, of all heights, an opportunity to see something interesting from a different angle.

Forster Inc. wanted to create an urban design that would appeal to modern family shoppers.  The client was keen that the interior wasn’t cutsie and stereotypically twee for the children’s market and that is what they’ve got.