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The Foscarini Rooms – London Design Festival 2018 preview

By EM on August 15, 2018 in Design, Exhibitions, Foscarini, Launches, OneRoom

Foscarini launches new Colours Collection during London Design Festival with an immersive installation

15-23 September 2018

The Foscarini Rooms is an immersive exhibition that introduces the company’s latest Colours Collection during this year’s London Design Festival. Leading lighting innovators Foscarini offers an emotional and unexpected journey of discovery through a magical house in the heart of Shoreditch, where a different colour plays the hero on each floor.

Unveiled for the first time during the Festival, Foscarini takes over Oneroom gallery, plunging visitors into a theatre of colour and light through a spectacular saturation of shades. Spanning three floors, this experiential installation – designed and curated by Oneroom founders, Carlo Ninchi and Vittorio Locatelli – will offer a dramatically different experience on every level. Three different scenarios will envelop visitors and lead them through an immersive installation that expresses the character of Foscarini’s recent launches and classic collections in fresh and surprising ways.

The Foscarini Rooms is part of Shoreditch Design Triangle

Opening times:

Sat 15, Sun 16 & Mon 17 September: 11:00-19:00

Tuesday 18 September: 09:00-21:00 (Shoreditch Design Triangle late night)

Wednesday 19 September: 11:00-17:00

Thursday 20, Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September: 11:00-19:00

Foscarini works with revered designers and imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps, pendants and chandeliers that transform spaces whether they’re on or off. According to its founder and President Carlo Urbinati “We constantly look to the future of lighting, how it impacts our daily life and in different surroundings. Light is an exciting medium to play with and to create interesting interventions. We like to explore lighting design and technology in all its forms.

Craftsmanship meets technology through Foscarini’s latest ground-breaking lighting designs. Known for its originality, Foscarini has once again pushed the boundaries of form and function with its latest lights:

Taking its name from the full moon, Plena, designed by Eugenio Gargioni & Guillaume Albouy, is a beautifully light and dynamic pendant that emits dual lighting, illuminating both the surface below and the ceiling above. Two slender elements balance each other, with a lunar disc that becomes a plume of light and an arched line that conveys a sense of lightness and flight; its spectacular shape changing, depending on the vantage point.

Designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba and crafted in glass, Soffio is a generous table lamp with a subtle appearance. The white glass is intensely charged with light concealing its inner source, while the transparent glass acts as a pedestal for the upper part. The illumination can be adjusted through a thin aluminium disc with a simple intuitive touch system.

A striking and unusual wall lamp, Superficie, created by Calvi & Brambilla, is made possible through the latest LED technology. Its sculptural oval form emits an intense light through a slender surface and concave and convex points, which provide a play on light and shadow.

Foscarini’s much-loved Birdie Floor and Table Lamp is issued in a series of bold new colours – copper, graphite and turquoise – giving this charming design a refreshing and revitalised look that will suit a wider range of settings.