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Milan 2014 – StoryTiles

By EM on April 11, 2014 in Exhibitions, Industry Approved, Launches

StoryTiles are miniature stories-on-tiles, inspired by the famous 18th century Dutch Whites.  Created by Marga van Oers and Judith Beek, the StoryTiles collection is comprised of two series: Old Dutch tiles, and Modern tiles.  That’s it, essentially.  But it sounds a lot better in their own words:

There once was an arty Dutch girl with very big ears. (And a very big mouth, but don’t tell her that).  Sometimes the girl would climb up a lamp post and listen to stories, drifting on the wind.  On other days, she went into the forest and listened to the wolves, the deer and the goats.  She would make collages of these stories.  One day, deep in the forest, she met a girl with a calculator (and an even bigger mouth).  They roasted marshmallows over a campfire.  And drank Chardonnay from Peru.  The arty girl asked the numbers girl to help her sell her collages.  “We could inspire people with my collages.  Who knows what they’ll come up with.  they could share their inspiration.  And if it sells, we can buy raspberries and wine, as much as we want!”  And so, Storytiles was born.

Storytiles come in over 60 different designs, in three sizes, and can be used decoratively as mini-paintings, or integrated into a bathroom or kitchen. And they’re lovely.  Really, really lovely.  But don’t just take our word for it; visit their shop here, or you can find them in two locations in Milan until 14 April – Ventura Living Room @ Ventura Lambrate, Via Ventura 14; and Meet & Matter @ Tutto Bene, Via Tortona 31.