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northmodern Copenhagen Vol. 4

By JW on September 2, 2016 in Design, Exhibitions, Industry Publicity, northmodern, Outposts

We invited blogger-in-the-know Hannah in The House, a.k.a Hannah Trickett, to give us her insights into northmodern’s August edition. Here is her guest post for us; if you haven’t already done so, pop over to her blog for see more Scandinavian design, interiors and travel, and enjoy her beautiful original photography.

Danish design has a long legacy from the masters of the early to mid century, Arne Jacobsen, Mogens Lassen and Finn Juhl, to modern day greats such as Cecilie Manz, Maria Bruun and Lars Vejen Jensen. This August northmodern presented the fourth edition of the design show at the Bella Center in Copenhagen; an impressive building, exhibition space, hotel and meeting place. The show was a celebration of Scandinavian design heritage, modern design, emerging talents and sustainability. This appreciation for longevity, consciousness and considered design is one of the many reasons why I love Scandinavian design.

The show was split up into various sections; here I’ve highlighted my tops picks with a little insight into each one.

Special Projects

Design companies and organisations collaborated with brands in curating an inspirational gallery of work.

Lars Vejen curated a lot of the displays within ‘special projects’ with linear patterns of the Ege carpets, sculptural form of the Veksø bench and serene colours of the Yerst glass. You can see more on his Facebook page, here.

Space Magazine curated Alvar Aalto’s vintage furniture with Artek 2nd cycle. Restoring and bringing new life into vintage classics such as the Aalto stools and chairs.

The Forms in Nature display really caught my eye and to be honest at first I thought the pieces were photography. Only to walk up close and see that they actually wildflowers and weeds gathered and framed. Named Weeds – a botanical portrait of unwanted plants, the artist has collected weeds and wildflowers from the urban and suburban areas of Copenhagen. Meticulously piecing them together to create an impressive piece of work that is reminiscent of oil painting and nature photography.

Whoever thought that the Danes lived in a monochrome world were seriously wrong. Fredericia Furniture A/S presented the Double F hotel concept, a bold and colourful curation of classic and modern design. Fredericia has been in business since 1911 and an incredible design portfolio with designers such as Hans J Wegner, Nanna Ditzel, Jasper Morrison, Space Copenhagen (the list goes on). The Double F hotel concept was curated in a way where you’d not know if one chair was designed yesterday and the other 50 years ago. Cohesive, fun and complementary. I love it.

One Collection’s striking display of the 57 sofa designed by Finn Juhl was another fitting homage to a design great. This was my first time that I’d seen the 57 sofa in real life, as a chair geek I was QUITE excited!


Sculptural lighting by Studio Mieke Meijer stopped me in my tracks, I was seriously wowed. This Dutch studio produced Space Frames made from plywood, polyester and LED tubes based on architectural elements. “The arrangements of the separate objects create an interaction with the surrounding space, making the negative and positive space equally important.” – Studio Mieke Meijer

Ferm Living launched their A/W 16 collection Subtle Dwelling, a sophisticated, minimalist lifestyle and furniture collection. The collection is vast and very much focussed on subtlety, contemporary earthy tones with textural contrasts. In addition to this range is a cool new interchangeable lighting series called COLLECT. With the choice of brass and powder coated metal shades you and create a customised light.


Last year I met stationery company Kartotek during the previous northmodern back in January. I was very happy to see them back at the show again and see their new range. This cleverly designed stationery is simple and stylish. I’m almost too scared to write in my weekly planner because it’s so pretty.

With quite a lot of household names in this section it’s hard to name all that I liked. A further select few would be Finnsdottir, L:A Bruket, Moebe, Serax, TineKhome and Skandinavisk.

Talents & Schools

I found Elkeland on Instagram a while back and seriously love her work. This year at northmodern, Ida, founder of the visual studio Elkeland, presented woven mirror sculptures and cast aluminum forms. A beautiful collection of simple sculptural compositions made with honest materials.

Craftspeople, artists and creatives are also celebrated at northmodern.  Phuc Van Dang, PHUCISME, created beautiful painting during the show. His illustrative, graphic style creates a bond between design, art and culture.

Emerging Designers

The future of Scandinavian designers is strong. I got chatting to the designer behind DUEDAHL who designs ceramics with tactile yet subtle forms and glazes with beautiful colour tones. After meeting her it dawned on me that I was talking to Mette Duedahl herself! She designed the Push coffee pot for Muuto. It’s quite well known. Studio Duedahl is one to watch!

Crystal Hall  by 1.618 Paris, creative sustainable living
I loved this section as it focussed on creating a meaningful and sustainable approach to modern luxury. No bling, not that kind of vulgar luxury. This was 1.618’s curation of fashion, design, tourism and mobility in with meaningful and responsible design.

Kovac Family are a Swedish based multidisciplinary design company with sustainability at it’s core. With eco friendly materials they’ve created stunning lamps made from 25 pieces of FSC Certified wood. Sculptural from any angle these are on my wish list! Their Instagram is full of wonderfully styled shots: @kovac_family.

Another stationery brand that wowed me was La Petite Papeterie Française, a French brand that creates high quality, beautiful and environmentally friendly products.

Northmodern may not filled with bright lights and pushy sales people but that’s a good thing. Its laid back attitude gives the brands and products space to breathe. Like the exhibition curation, northmodern is relaxed, innovative and a considered furniture and lifestyle trade show.

It was announced that northmodern Vol.5 will be in May 2017, then to be an annual show. Northmodern will be partnering with Design Denmark and possibly creating a design week/festival during this period. Firm plans are yet to be announced but it does sound exciting. I’ll be sure to check it out.

H x


All photography ©HannahTrickett/Hannah in the House unless otherwise stated