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Sister Sledge

By JW on January 8, 2010 in Thonet

Thonet S 333 sleigh

Using Thonet’s world famous tubular steel technology, Holger Lange has created the ultimate cantilevered sleigh for all the family.
The skids and seat frame are produced from a single bent stainless steel tube. It has excellent sledding properties, runs perfectly straight, and glides like a dream. The cantilever seat frame acts as a shock absorber and counteracts any unevenness on the slope. A robust weather-resistant mesh is stretched on it. For transport, several sledges can be stacked, and when walking it can be carried like a backpack.
Stainless steel honed frame, plastic mesh in silver, havana or black. Black textile leash with Thonet logo. The dimensions are oriented towards modern racing sledges.