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Stella Artois Black

By EM on July 18, 2011 in Industry Publicity

Stella Artois Black promo night. July 2011.

Last weekend Industry travelled to the depths of Blackall Street in East London, a deserted back alley somewhere between Leonard Street and Old Street station for an event put on by our friends at Stella Artois to celebrate their latest lager- Stella Artois Black. The location was deliberately obscure, the event even more so.

It wasn’t until we arrived and were taken into a constructed 1960s house (apparently located in Paris) that we realised we were no longer guests at a promotions night but together we were socialites and friends at a fictional surprise birthday party. With encouragement from the Punchdrunk actors we obediently undertook the role, clapping, cheering and socialising as though we were at any other birthday.

It wasn’t until the party began to draw to a close that we realised something wasn’t quite right. Our host, a diamond merchant, began to get frantic, an argument ensued and thus unravelled a story of seduction, greed and theft.

The story continues in August and we’d highly recommend you apply for tickets quickly.  Trés bien Stella Artois for creating an exciting and original event that has been described as the ‘antithesis of viral marketing campaigns’.  We can’t wait for the next one!

– Sian Gray