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Tea for Two

By OG on August 25, 2011 in Industry Publicity

Here at the Industry Publicity Offices we are rather partial to a cup of tea or two but this rainy August weather has had us reaching for the kettle to stir up a brew more than should ever be normal for what is supposedly the height of Summer. So with this in mind our attention has been drawn to tea sets in the form of traditional and modern.

A classic style that we have been eyeing up is the Bamboo Glass tea set from Lin’s Ceramics Studio. With the transparency of the glass showing the colour changes in the tea this makes it best for green tea or floral tea drinkers.

Next up we have fallen hook, line and sinker for the wacky and wonderful Tea Diver and Tea Fishing from Sung Mun-Yoon, fun creations that make the mundane job of brewing tea a little more exciting.

Tea Diver

For the tea drinkers who do it solo Vera Wiedermann’s Te a me cup offers the perfect solution for gripping the teabag whilst the saucer can be used as a lid to stop heat from escaping, all the while biscuits can be kept safe underneath the cup from hungry prying eyes.

For more teapot creations cast your eyes over the following: i-clue design’s sharing teapot, Think If Design Co. Ltd’s Rotate tea set and Purse tea set, Felicity Jones Design’s Hand painted Meadow Flower Teapot, Atelier Polyhedre’s Geometric terracota teapot from the Secant collection and the FIKA tea set from Ralli Design at Hidden Art.

Ok, now who’s for a cuppa?