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The Architecture Foundation Competition

By OG on August 3, 2011 in Industry Publicity

Post Works win competition to design central bar at 100% Design

Post Works has just been announced as the winners of a competition created through the collaboration between The Architecture Foundation and 100% Design.  As winners, Post Works will now be commissioned to realise the central bar at this yearʼs 100% Design exhibition.

Post Works have engineered a unique bar area that can reconfigure itself daily and hourly.  Through a system of moving, suspended props, falling curtains and changeable lighting, the central bar can evolve into a multifunctional and theatrical space. The concept is technically intricate and visually dramatic, and as the central bar it will demonstrate the importance of effect in architecture.

Design critic and jury member Justin McGuirk said “Post Worksʼ design suggests that architecture is not necessarily a shape, but a condition. There’s a sense that within their bar you’re somewhere special, where things could happen.”

Post Worksʼ bar design divides the bar into separate areas according to the time of day and volume of people. Curtains can be lowered to the ground from the overhead truss structure, dividing the area to create a separate enclosed room, or sanctuary. Blue lighting and a mist machine hung from overhead rigging will create a relaxed environment, separate from but within the bar space. The bar is surrounded by 50 seats, with a further 30 seats exposed when the curtains are raised. Post Worksʼ design also includes a landscape of geometrical
props, ʻarchitectural charactersʼ, that are to be suspended above the bar area.

These flat shapes are powered by motor hoists controlled by a set operator who can move and re-orientate each shape, as if acting out a play. Abstract floor-standing flats or frames will help separate the different spaces within the bar area, as well as reinforcing the feeling of theatrical experience.