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Winter Colour

By EM on October 22, 2010 in Industry Approved, Industry Publicity

Gestaltkunstwerke Vases by Markus Linnenbrink

It was love at first sight when we saw these colourful vessels by artist Markus Linnenbrink for ArtwareEditions.  The title for this series of vases by Linnenbrink is a play on the phrase, Gesamtkunstwerk, which roughly translated means, “universal artwork” or “total artwork.”

Each vase is handmade, completely unique and incorporates a whimsical approach to recycling. As he makes his paintings and sculptures, the artist is left with an excess of pigmented epoxy resin. He layers this leftover resin inside discarded plastic juice, water, or soda bottles and creates an inner water-proof cavity by inserting smaller post-consumer vessels such as paint bottles or water bottles. Once cured, he removes the outer plastic bottle to reveal the smooth and radiant forms, allowing the viewer to truly see and appreciate these usually-overlooked designs in a permanent and useful way.